Freelance writer and journalist. MA in Journalism from NYU. I write to get at humanity. @b.talissa on IG.

We cannot dismantle race, but perhaps there’s another way to escape it.

For the last decade, many Americans have steadily fought the structure of race to achieve a united-country and post-racial state — some opting for colorblindness, and others challenging the historical bias attached to skin color. Even right now…

If I screamed it would kill your

heart is beautiful and pure I love how

I couldn’t take the weight of your body on me, suffocating

Joy I found with only you, willing and ready

we fought every day, your hands around

my waist you’d whisper a kind secret in my ear and

Your hands around my…

One might think Dr. King Jr. and the Civil Rights Activists were born with a natural ability to love against evil. But I’d argue this was a learned strategy which was curated through critical-thinking, objective planning, and faith.

And that’s one of the most inspirational parts about Dr. King Jr…

Brittany Talissa King

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