by: Brittany Talissa King

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THE POWERFUL J.R.E. — After journalist Chris Wallace failed to control the first presidential debate, millions of Americans went to Twitter. They nominated Joe Rogan for consideration to moderate Trump and Biden, but that never happened. Instead, yesterday, he hosted an highly-anticipated experience with another candidate running for president, rapper Kanye West.

Nearly one-hundred-days after West’s #2020Vision appearance in Charleston, a presidential rally turned “chaotic breakdown,” according to the news — the Chicagoan made another presidential appearance on the successful Joe Rogan Experience podcast garnering over 3.5 million views in less than 24 hours.

During this three hour conversation, West seemed relaxed and at-home inside Rogan’s studio. In a lavender hoodie and Rogan in his usual casual uniform, West sat face-to-face, seemingly six-feet-apart, ready to venture inside this long-sought conversation. Of course, the iconic rapper talked about his “genius” and promoted his many talents within the fashion industry, music production — even farming, house design, and hopefully becoming president in 2024. …


Brittany Talissa King

Freelance writer. MA in Journalism from NYU. Studied under Ta-Nehisi Coates in his “Writing for Reporters” course. My weapon is My pen. @b.talissa on IG.

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