“The Riots of the Unheard”: How extremists show us America.

These individuals were not advocating for Republican principles — -they were in worship of Donald Trump — the only man who’s heard them.

While many political figures denounced these events — -like former Vice President stating “We condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest terms.” And from President-Elect Joe Biden, “I call on President Trump to defend the Constitution by demanding an end to this siege.”

There’s no coincidence that Trump said, “We love you. You are special,” to the mob — -because he knows what they are craving, the same reason why they’re physically fighting for the Election— -to be counted in.

The ironic part is how polarizing these sides are, but how they share distinct similarities. Both sides are called, “extremists.” Both sides are called, “racists.” Both sides are called, “the problem,” and both sides express that, “their unseen.” What if these incidents have exposed how political megaphones further callous the individuals on the fringes.

Freelance writer. MA in Journalism from NYU. Studied under Ta-Nehisi Coates in his “Writing for Reporters” course. My weapon is My pen. @b.talissa on IG.

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